There is a rise in people using the internet to leave their good bye notes for suicide. This bothers me greatly, because many of them are not legitimate.  They are attention seeking, and with so many cries about wolves,  people are beginning to doubt legitimate cases and pass them off for ‘fakes’.  So, here is my rant.
If you are truly suicidal, and truly depressed why would you use the internet for your goodbyes? You make it public, and you make it dirty. I have seen so many people do this is makes me furious.  Not as a bystander, but as someone who was depressed and suicidal from middle school to my sophomore year of high school.  Mine was to end the pain that was throbbing in my heart, but in reality, it was selfish and unbelievably unthinking.  Suicide at the root is not for the good of others, nor for the good of ourselves, and is a lie by the Devil to make you think you’ll do the world a service by not existing.  This in fact is the largest lie possible.  First of all, suicide leads you to hell in a hurry.  This is my stance on it. Suicide is self-absorption at its finest, and destroys a human life.  To destroy a human life is to demand a life, and therefore you taking your own life are a very heavy and weighted sin.  The suicidal person also takes no responsibility for their own actions.  They blame everyone else as the cause of their death, and seek no real help as they feel they’re ‘innocent’.  Yet they have the very underlying actions that make them responsible. They have free will to choose to end their life, they have the choice to make about taking people’s lives, and they have the choice to be better. Yet, many people like the attention a victim get and therefore suicide is now used for that very end. They have aggrandized ideas about how people will miss them while they’re gone, and they’ll get the laugh last when they’re ‘in heaven’. But the last laugh will be by the devil, who’s going to make you relive all those ‘memories’ for all of eternity in fire and burning.
As for people putting it on the net, I have a serious problem with these notes. First of all, they’re all accusing people of their wrong doings, or trying to make the person committing suicide look like an innocent person. It’s rather aggravating to someone who has survived these TENDANCIES, the TEMPTATION OF SUICIDE, the false reality of what suicide provides.  IF you’re truly this way, you don’t leave public notes. YOU LEAVE QUIET ONES or none at all. The truly internally hurting people do not go public with their suicide because they do not want to make their loved ones suffer. They see it as an act of mercy, removing them from both life and bringing suffering to their families and friends (which is a lie of the devil. You’ll never bring joy from death. Only God can, by having you die to yourself every day because he brings the ultimate good). Frankly, I am appalled by the people who are doing it daily or even routinely…one to many cries about wolves and people will actually be dead.
BUT more importantly, the people feeding the ‘love’ that is not really love.  If you cared about people you’d speak truth to them, not puff up their damaged self glorifying egos.  You’d tell them suicide is wrong, and not a way out.  You’d tell them they are stronger than they look. And you’d tell them it’s selfish to take their own life. Love is not an easy love, love is tough, love is strong, love is kind, and love is patient. Is it kind to tell a person “it’s ok to have the feeling of taking your life” is it kind to tell the person that it’s “wrong for people to save your life because you deserve death which brings you happiness” is that love? Is it love to be to pragmatic,  and utilitarian? How is it love to treat people like they’re objects, and what ever they desire should be fulfilled?  I’d rather have the truth rather than face all the fake love that is being dispersed to people who are seeking attention by suicide. Perhaps, the best way to see this picture is like this.
Life isn’t a precious moment, and to encourage people to take their lives will decrease the surplus population. This world is growing more and more dangerous and people don’t need to learn how to control their lives. Let them blame the world around them as a convenience and play the victim to they look pathetic. Let them be pathetic. Let them do ill will to all the world and themselves.  Let them destroy themselves. It is all for the better.  Don’t let them know the truth, that their actions are selfish. Don’t let them know they hurt others with their shrewd and selfish words.  Let them be. Let them die. They’re not worth it anyways, because they don’t want to  live, why stop them?
Do you see the irony? You desire to be kind, but in fact you’re giving out sugarcoated lies that have a numbing affect to the truth.
Please, realize the truth.