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No Thing and Everything

Every second and every moment I sit here watching,
Every day and every week I wait and wonder,
Sweet things that are spoken,
Quiet words that are shared,
Little things, no things, big things, everything…

When you’re curious and you’re intrigued,
When you find that person mysterious,
When you look at them and they look at you,
And the whole world starts spinning,
When you’re facing the world with them,
When you’re hand in hand, heart to heart,
When you’re everything and no thing can tear you apart.

Simple things can make a difference,
One word, one look, one gesture changes it all,
Simple things make your heart melt,
It doesn’t take much at all.
Simple things like sweet tea and cookies
On the front porch watching the sunset.
Simple things like leaning on the shoulder,
When the world feels all against you.

When the shadows fall you know they’re all,
When the darkness rises you know they’re at your side,
When the tide turns and the world subsides,
They stay with you through everything and no thing.
Through thin times and the best of times,
Through the thick moments and worst burns..
Through every little thing and no thing at all…

Nothing is too small,
Nothing is too big,
Everything is just right,
Everything is not quite so.
They’re still there for you…
And you’re still there for them.
Simple, together, arm in arm forever.
Yes, just right together.


As the sunsets,
As the moon rises,
As clouds roll in,
And the fog blurs,
As the light of night looms,
As the bright morning wanes,
As the shadows of the stars move,
And the mist of tomorrow shines

Into dreamland we drift,
Into the land where all are equal,
Into the heart of the soul,
Into the depth of the heart we drift.

Into the sleeping states,
Into the restless moments,
Into the heartbreak and mind clutter,
Into the dreams we go.

As the clouds of the night pass,
As the shine of the morning begins,
As the energy of the fog disappears…
We wake again.

HillBilly Kisses

Sweet tango under the starlight,
Barefoot and summer night,
A little radio blasting,
Here we are hoping the night is lasting.

Hillbilly kisses under the stars,
Hillbilly dances with the shine,
Hillbilly romances and sweet fire,
Hillbilly kisses as the sunrises.

Long drive down the dusty road,
Boots on and packs ready,
Trails and mountains as we slowed,
Heights and sights all make you keep me steady.

Hillbilly kisses under the trees,
Hillbilly dances with the breeze,
Hillbilly romances and sweet fire,
Hillbilly kisses as the sunrises.

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Sometimes, my mind turns on and a million questions flood and keep going.
Sometimes a loud noise or sudden sound will awaken me from deep sleep and then my mind wanders and goes down the infinite bunny holes it can create.
And then…there are the times I fall asleep slowly and just don’t really sleep and a quiet noise pulls me out it and I stare blankly at the ceiling wondering about too much and not enough to make my mind go silent.

No, I don’t have insomnia. I just lose sleep once in a while…
And tonight is one of those nights…
It happens.
But now I have to try to get sleep before the dawn breaks and I don’t know if my mind will cease for a bit….
Too many questions run amok in my brain and the person I want to ask them all to doesn’t even know I exist or  ignores the fact I do…like I am some ghost.
It makes me ask more questions.
Deep questions emotional questions things that I don’t have answers to.

Sleepless I am tonight…


Are you running, are you chasing?
Do you see the moments where we meet?

This is the plane where I escape,
Drifting among the stars and seeing the earth from afar.
Space is clear, and bright, the moon gleaming.
There you are, alone and vacant in the sky.

Are you running, are you chasing?
Do you see the moments where we meet?

The jungle encloses around you,
Echoes of the past screech at your heels.
Deep sense of fear seeps like the raindrops from the season,
Torrents of water stream from the leave above.

Are you running, are you chasing?
Do you see the moments where we meet?

The waters are rising around you,
The flash flood is overcoming,
Desperation seeks it’s hope,
Where the land meets the water there is someone…

Are you running, are you chasing?
Do you see the moments where we meet?

The air feels cool and damp against your face,
Ice falls from the sky,
Gentle moments recall memories,
Moments that are not long gone.

Are you running, are you chasing?
Do you see the moments where we meet?

Darkness drowns the rest out,
A deep dark void,
A light that never ends,
Shines just for you.

Are you running, are you chasing?
Do you see the moments where we meet?

You awaken, you look, you see…
Do you remember me?
©RJD 10/12/2012

Two New Poems

I come, weary. 

Simply I walk oblivious to the space,
Drowning in this consciousness,
Beating the soul to shards,
While wasting in wailing,
The depths of despair are wrought,
The breaking of the heart is heard.
More painful than anything else,
Many different emotions let loose,
A rushing torrent cascades from the soul,
Longing, desire, fear, shame, pain,
Love hope dreams and strange joy and peace.
Feelings that express the myriad,
The seas of uneasiness in the heart.
Sanity seems to at last return
Or what seems to be sanity
But there was always this glimmer,
A light a far that always brought hope.
So, back to the toil I go.
Hope my source of energy.
©RJD 10/4/2012

“Walking Away”

I need to walk away for a little while…
I see the need and desire but I don’t want to be there.
A place that is unsafe and it scares me.

Yes…I need to walk away for a little while.
I’ll see you soon enough…
But for now…I need to be still among the trees.
There I normally find comfort…
But the trees even taunt me.
There I usually feel the breeze but it haunts.

Where will I walk without these thoughts?
Where can I be settled again?
Calm my heart, my mind, and soul…
©RJD 10/2/2012

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