Date: 12/16/18
Synopsis: It has been a while since I’ve posted a writing publically beyond teaching in a while. Well, recently I’ve experience an interesting new turn in Social Media. Yes, I’ve played with fire, and gained more valuable information that I would like to pass on to all people who are Social Media fanatics. There are clear signs of fakers, cat fishers, scammers, and fraudulent pretenders. Just remember, there is a blue verified check mark for a purpose and reason.


Recently, I’ve gotten back into country music. I listen to a lot of music and have found a few artists. I’ve been on Social Media for 15 years in January since the first original Facebook platform.  What I am writing about is a new experience that I had not experienced. Social Media scammers, fakers, and cat fishers. So, this comes from an angle of research, reliance on others, and getting to know the person who is being ‘faked’.

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