Hello everyone,

Yes. The year is now 2017 and I still haven’t posted very often.

But that is part of who I am. I write when it is necessary, feels correct, and is what I believe is needed. I have many pages, and pages and journals full of writings that no one has ever seen…yet. That does not mean I do not listen, I do not know, and I do not see. No, for there is wisdom in waiting for the right time. Just like all things, as a Christian, it is a matter of release and timing. Some things just aren’t meant to be shared, for they are one on one words with God. Other times, it’s personal because God is pointing back at me saying “Yo…fix this in your life.” And there are those writings, that are supposed to be shared and my fear ruins the timing. Yes, I do not like to publically share my inner mind and writings very often because it is a two way street. What I write, I must also live and that is the challenge.
DC Talk (yup going old school) has the song “What if I Stumble”. This song is what encourages me to post writings, even if I means I fall flat on my face and get laughed at by the world.I honestly believe what I share, will be of use to some one some where in the world of the interwebs and reality. Somewhere God is using the writing I publish to help someone out. But that doesn’t mean I am perfect, and my fear is that people will think about my thinking. I am very far from perfection, as are we all, but I do realize that through our own brokenness and humility God brings out some of the best pieces of our lives. Look at all the Apostles. Look at all the Prophets. Look at David the King after God’s own heart. Through the brokenness God works. Through the dirty, dingy stains of our lives, God shines His hope and uses what was meant for evil, as a powerful tool for His glory.  He is the author and finisher, He is the writer and creator of our lives.  So be prepared…Open your hearts, and open your talents, and let God move when He chooses to. It’ll be scary, and it’ll be challenging to your life and become witness to someone else.