To be honest, it is hard to keep your head on straight. Even in the darkest moments there is always a glimmer of hope for the Christian. We have eternal hope in Christ, and a future hope for New Heavens and New Earth. However, fear strikes at the heart quickly if you lose sight of all this amid the chaos that is brewing in the world. We should not be surprised evil is growing…as my Jesus’ Life and Ministry professor says, “Jesus said it would”. The end times have to grow darker before the return of Christ. But just because the world grows darker means we need to burn all the more brightly as beacons of hope and light.
Jesus calls his followers to be Salt and Light. Salt and light. Salt preserves, but it was also a valuable trading commodity back in ancient times. Salt seasons and adds flavors, but salt also draws away moisture. What else? Pepper. Salt and Pepper always go together in American/Western foods. Pepper is dark, and spicey while salt balances out flavor and enhances it. Too much of either and you’ll ruin an entire dish.  Too little and it becomes bland and not worth eating.
Light is complex, it breaks down into different spectrums, and reveals what is hidden in the darkness. But you cannot have light without darkness, nor darkness without light. How would you know if it if was dark if you had only been in darkness? You would not know…
So we are to be the beacons of hope for the people of the world as the darkness in it grows. And when Christ returns…that is when Light will forever reign.

John 15
Matthew 5

Luke 11:33-36