OMG. I found a NEW Kdrama that I have fallen in love with.

It’s Called Cheongdam-dong Alice;
And it’s pretty amazing.
THIS SCENE is from when the Main Male Character DUMPS soy sauce on the “white rabbit”  and threatens him, after the white rabbit hurt the Main Female Character. IT IS SO PRECIOUS.


Han Se Kyung believes her positive attitude and sheer determination will help her get whatever she wants out of life. Illusions shattered. Enter her Prince Charming. Cha Seung Jo, Chairman of the Artemis Group Korea, who thinks he is falling for a Candy girl. But no, his love now wants to be a Cinderella and become a Cheongdam-dong wife. He is plotting revenge against his father, head of a rival group, and his ex lover is her boss. Will the two of them learn about love and marriage?

Watch it Here!