Some of My Favorite Valentine Posts:

  1. DIY Interlocking LEGO Heart Pendants (of course!) here. 
  2. DIY Pixel-y Popup Card here. 
  3. Wood You Be Mine? and Stick With Me here.
  4. I’d Have That Day Again here. 
  5. Etsy Anti Valentines Day Cross Stitch here.
  6. DIY Zipper Heart here. 
  7. Free Download: Feed Your Soul by Jo Cheung here.
  8. Why not print out my favorite flowers and put them in a vase? Here.
  9. DIY “52 Reasons” here. 
  10. DIY Heart Shaped (or PAC-Man shaped?) Cupcakes without an Expensive Specialty Pan here.
  11.  Make this for Valentine’s Day. DIY Match Covered Box with Whatever Message You Want. Suggestions: You Light Up My Life”, “You Set the World on Fire”, “Light of My Life”, “Light of Eärendil” here. 
  12. DIY Heart T-Shirt here.

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