“The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.  Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”.  Whitney said it best… but so did Oscar!  Mr. de la Renta’s go-to quotes were etched into resin bangles that boasted his words and beliefs.

This Valentine’s Day, DIY your heart out, literally.  It’s time to stop wearing your heart on your sleeve and start sporting it ‘round your wrist… with a touch of repetition.  Mark my words, by marking yours with a graffiti style love note accessory.  P.S. – Remember more is more, so scribble ‘em, stack ‘em and love ‘em lots!

To create: Apply two smooth coats of spray paint to wooden bangles.  Be sure to wait until paint is completely dry before picking up.  Use Sharpie Paint pens to scribble your love notes and quotes all around the bracelet. For an extra detail, inscribe the inside as well.  Get creative with your color combinations and messages.  Create a bevy of bangles for yourself and friends.  What better way to say “I will always love you”, than with a wristed development that’s to DIY for!