Stop buying plastic, reuse what you already have.  You have an impact!

Start making your own lotions, potions, soaps and contraptions, then use your past bottle carnage to make these neat things to give that thousand-year lifespan of plastic at least another few years of use.  Easy recipes for soap are out there for getting more product out of less packaging, where you can control what’s getting soaked into your skin better, the real deal is here. See a quick and dirty video of the general process to get an idea here.

  • See how to make the Monogrammed paper mache vase from Better Home & Garden here.
  • See how to make the Electronics charging holder from Make It Love It here.
  • Awesome plastic-free bottle soap dispenser is beautiful and sustainable. See instructions from DIY Life here.
  • Make this neat bottle dryer with even more upcycled materials (from We Upcycle).  Instructions found here.

Learn how plastic is affecting our oceans, our bodies and what you can do, go here.