I made leftover polenta cake with peaches for breakfast this morning. Full disclosure: I thought it was delicious, Dave thought it was just okay.

There are probably easy ways to make it much better, but the whole point of this was making a real breakfast that involved very little work or thinking, neither of which I am particularly skilled at first thing in the morning. So.

I spread my leftover polenta into a square dish while it was still warm last night, and let it solidify in the dish overnight. I cut out a rectangle this morning, drizzled it with honey, arranged sliced peaches over the top, and broiled the whole thing for about 7 minutes. SET A TIMER (I recommend 5 minutes, then check, then re-set the timer for another 2 minutes).

I lined my baking sheet with a small square of tinfoil so I didn’t even have to wash the sheet afterward, maximizing laziness (uh, and also waste).

If I were to make it better, I would broil the polenta cake on its own for a few minutes while I sliced the peaches so the cake could get a little browned, then top with brown sugar (we were out) and peaches, and broil for another few minutes.