Corn is guilty for being nutritious.

It’s a myth when someone says corn isn’t nutritious. That’s a complete lie. How can this yummy, bright-colored vegetable not be nutritious? That’s insane!

Here’s my case:

  1. Corn has fiber. To be more specific, insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps with bulking of stool. Very important if you don’t want to be constipated. It’s also one of the reasons why you see corn the next day in your waste.
  2. Corn has some antioxidants and other vitamins. It may not be that awesome, but it still helps with your digestion and immune system!
  3. The thing is, Corn also has a B vitamin Niacin. The only trouble with Niacin is that it’s “stuck” because of the fiber. BUT! it could be released by squeezing lime juice which tortillas nowadays may contain.

I’m a big corn lover. I had one yesterday. It was very sweet. YUMMY!