God is the creator (Gen 1:1).God created mankind to glorify himself; he did not create man out of a deficit (Acts 17:24-25, Psalm 50:9-12, Job 41:11).  God was sufficiently loved, loving, and in abundance of love within the Trinity. Therefore, when he created man, it was to crown (Isa 62:3-5) his work for man is the only created being that is made in the image of God ( Gen 1:26-27, 5:1,9:6).  Therefore man is representative of God on earth in their being.  Humanity is designed with purpose and design (James 3:8, Matt 22:37-40).  They were created to have right relationship with God (Jer 9:23-24, John17:3, Matt 22:37) and to glorify him in worship (Isa 43:7, Eph 1:11-12). However, in man’s own selfish rebellion they fell from that right relationship (Gen 3). When mankind fell from their original mandate from God, they were distorted with sin and what appears good is evil, and what is evil appears good and the soul got separated from the body and the earth groaned beneath the weight of sin (Gen 3). Man lost relationship with God because a holy God hates sin ( Deut 12:31, Prov6:16-19 Jas 4:4 Rom 5:10), man lost relationship with others of mankind (Gen 3), and lost their own soul connection ( Rom 6:23) . Through Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, tragic sin and death has been passed down generation upon generation, each new one being far worse(Rom 1:34-37) than the preceding generation (Eze 8:13, 15) which is total depravity.
Yet, man is still created within the image of God and therefore he shares some of the attributes that God has ( Gen 1:26-28). Spirituality, mentality, emotions, and relational aspects are all reflections of the immense God that created us and we are limited in these areas( Gen 5:1). However all that man does is sin, and even our greatest selfless acts are sinful. That is why there is division among people (Jas 3:8) and competition for resources, and why Christ had to come .  In Christ’s selfless act, he lived as a perfect human and fully God at the same time ( 2 Cor 4:4). He experienced all the trials and temptations that we as humans go through, and conquered them at the Cross through his death and resurrection paving the way back to God with his shed blood (Col 1:15). Jesus also restored the proper relationship between man and woman (Gal 3:28). Since the fall, there was always division between man and woman (Gen 3:16). God designed man and woman to be equal essence but distinct in roles (Gen 1:26-27), a representation of the Trinity lived out on Earth. However, with the fall man has been reigning over woman, and this has fractured their ability to relate to one another causing untold friction between them instead of unity. Christ’s work proves that man is to be selfless for his wife, and that they are to be one, like Christ and the Church ( 1 Cor 11:3).
God still is in over all the earth, and knows all things and controls all things ( Prov 16:19, James 4:13-15, Prov21:1,  Matt 10:29, Ps 145:15). However, just because God is in charge does not negate our responsibilities as people to obey God and his Laws (Phil 2:1s2-13).  That is why we see such debase actions coming out of the world, for they are shaking their fist at God and blaming him for all their own actions and responsibility and pointing fingers at each other passing the buck. Humans were designed for relationship with their Creator, and with each other not this blame game that happens. Jesus provided us with a direct access to God so that we are not captives of the World system but slaves to Christ for God’s perfect will for us.