I come, weary. 

Simply I walk oblivious to the space,
Drowning in this consciousness,
Beating the soul to shards,
While wasting in wailing,
The depths of despair are wrought,
The breaking of the heart is heard.
More painful than anything else,
Many different emotions let loose,
A rushing torrent cascades from the soul,
Longing, desire, fear, shame, pain,
Love hope dreams and strange joy and peace.
Feelings that express the myriad,
The seas of uneasiness in the heart.
Sanity seems to at last return
Or what seems to be sanity
But there was always this glimmer,
A light a far that always brought hope.
So, back to the toil I go.
Hope my source of energy.
©RJD 10/4/2012

“Walking Away”

I need to walk away for a little while…
I see the need and desire but I don’t want to be there.
A place that is unsafe and it scares me.

Yes…I need to walk away for a little while.
I’ll see you soon enough…
But for now…I need to be still among the trees.
There I normally find comfort…
But the trees even taunt me.
There I usually feel the breeze but it haunts.

Where will I walk without these thoughts?
Where can I be settled again?
Calm my heart, my mind, and soul…
©RJD 10/2/2012