There is always once chance that we have, one simple moment that comes with the many choices we have made. Life will present us this simple moment with the clarity of our life flickering or flashing before the eyes as they darkened on the world around them. Will you in that moment feel regret, sorrow, and despair? Will you in the moment feel nothing? Or perhaps you will find the moment thrilling, welcoming, and unafraid of the things to come? This is not about death, but what happens after you have died. Where will you be? Are you going to be eternally separated or eternally joined?
The world beyond does exist, though the finite simple mind cannot comprehend what that looks like. The infinitude of the world beyond our little shallow lives here on Earth is much more splendid, or much more hellish than we can imagine. Yet here we are…living lives that make us go to one end or the other. Yes, ends to the soul are found in Heaven or Hell. Hell is a very real place made up of souls that are forever separated from God, eternally. These souls will never find true completion, and will face fire and brimstone. Eternal torment awaits the lives that chose to seek their own god, which in most cases is themselves. It is sad that they are so cruelly blinded by their own mind, their own will, and have ceased to acknowledge the existence of their Creator. These souls will cry injustice has been dealt. They will cry that they did all they could. They will shout about their rights. They will shout about their needs. They focus solely on them…
But the reality of the world around is clear, it’s depraved and sunk. It is a failing society that needs a Savior. However, the Savior has come…and yet the Society still fails to see they are dying in their own filth. They are playing in the sewer when there is a Mansion open to them to live in. How is it possible that they cannot see this? It is purely because they do, but prefer their own ways; doing things the way they want to; choosing the life they want to live; rebels to the last. These are the people that will shake their fist at God and say “How can he exist?” when there is filth all around them, filth of their own creation. All the best human acts are failures; human efforts fail because humans are the flawed sinful creatures that breed imperfection, and insist that evil is good and good is evil. They are truly the backwards civilizations that destroy themselves and their world.
But, God did do something that we cannot comprehend. First of all He exists beyond us, therefore all means to justify His non-existence is pointless because what is beyond human rationale is always going to be ‘unexplainable’ to the exhaustive source. Creations cannot fully know their creator, humans cannot fully know their Father because he is infinite, and we are finite.  However, he can be known in part. “For we know in part and we prophesy in part,but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears,” says Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians chapter thirteen verses nine and ten, where because humans are so finite we do not understand the full love that God has poured out on the land. When we come to terms with this love, we shall be all the more happy because the Lord our God has reached down into the filth, and poured out his love so that we might be cleaned. His perfection, His grace, His love, provided us with a realization that we have something better than this.  The Owner of the Mansion has come out of the set a part realm that is clean and pure, to reach down to the sewers and pull us from the grasp of filth, rot and decay. He has taken us in all our dirty rags, and bathed us, tossed away our rags and replaced them with clothes that befit those who are living in Mansion. However, he has given us a mandate, that we are to be his hands, and he is the one who directs, as we are to reach back down into the filth and do the same to others that we had done to us. We do often find ourselves dirty again, but then we go to the Master of House and he will have us cleansed again. Therein lies the beauty of what was done for us, but more to it, we have come to the realization that there was a greater price paid. As we spend more time in the Mansion, you see this other with the Master of the house all the time. He is marred, and dirty like you once were, but beautiful and clean like the Master beneath it all. This other is the Son of the Master, who is the one who built the bridge that the master used to reach down to those in the sewers and filth. He continually is doing this act, as the Father continues to reach out.  Those in the Mansion have come to understand this is to whom their life is owed, because he bought them at a High Price; his own life. As we mature, we realize that we are also never alone. Each of us in the mansion has helper that tends to their education, their growth, and their cleanliness. This helper is also a guide, and mentor, and scout for anything when we go back into the sewers of the world. This guide stays with us constantly, without complaint.
These are the people who have freed us from the filth and sunken world…they are the ones who have sacrificed, and shed their blood for us. This is the God of the Bible who is a Triune (Three United in One) Person who has given us the road to relationship with him, pulling us from the darkness of the sinking world we live in.  So, why do we bother to think that our worldly filth is grander than the glorious nature that the Father is? Why do we say that beauty of the Son and the value of his sacrifice are worthless in comparison to the money that eats our souls?  Why do we reject the authority, and power that the Holy Spirit brings to the redeemed, and take on our own mental ascent? How can we view the flawed as better than the perfect? There is the nature of sin…it blinds us. It makes us hallucinate and see things that aren’t there; see things that don’t exist as reality and deny reality as it is. So, do you want reality or this fantastical story that the Devil, oh yes the one you have not met yet.
The Devil; the antithesis to the Purity of God, has been dismissed as myth and legend. This pleases him quite well as we do not know our enemy any more. And how does one combat an enemy that is unknown? You cannot fight something you don’t know, or think is imaginary. You’ll be over powered and slammed back into the filth of the World. Once he is invisible, he works at his best, and thus he decidedly wants you to believe he does not exist. Many people think that God couldn’t have created such a creature with the ability to disobey him…but he indeed did. Once in the Devil, the secondly in his beloved Creatures—humans; and fallen souls have been ceased without repentance for centuries.  
Just as God is revealed through Nature, so has the Devil been revealed through the acts of Sin we commit as humans. The abuse, the neglect, the blind eye to the pain that we cause and the rejection of TRUTH are clear signs that the Devil is around. Yes, sin is a human action that is exalting the Devil. Think about that for a moment…Anything that is not Godly, is Devilry. Relativism is devilry, the elimination of truth is devilry, the hatred we bear is devilry…the list continues for in our filth, we are full of devilry and exalting him by being under his power. The authority that the devil holds, only lasts until you understand that there is something beyond the world—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost exist and are supremely authoritatively and ultimately above and beyond the devil’s whims in the world. Once you realize this, why do you continue to let the devil chain you into the filth? Because that is what he is doing.
            God has provided a way out…have you found Him? Have you sought the truth, the REAL truth? Have you given up your ideas and whims to seek reality? Have you asked to have your heart opened to see reality as it is? …what will you do when you find the truth?  Will you run away? Will you come to the light of the truth?