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November 2011


Here is a poem that I have written. It is entitled: “Prayers”

Prayers, faith, hope, love, trials, tribulations, grace, mercy, compassion.
Worship, adoration, exaltation, wisdom, glory, redemption, sinner, redeemed.
Saint, Father, healer, lover, husband, family, sister, brothers, covenant, purchased.
Salvation, rules, commands, obedience, trust, care, honor, respect, walk not talk.
Listen, cry, mourn, rejoice, gladness, joy, discipline, growth, maturity, Heaven.
Eyes up not down, eyes Christ-centered, child, son, co-heir, Within Him, seated with Him.
Leaning, hugging, listening, understanding, patience, perseverance, a course to run.
Unconditional, holy, reverent, awestruck, splendid splendor, weak, strong.
Mind of Christ, logical, real, valued, beloved, Aiming for Heaven, Reclaiming the Earth.
These are but a few moments…
These are but a few descriptors…
Understand they are a fragment…
A piece of what I’ve tasted and seen…
His work is not yet complete
But when I go home, I shall never regret
My time with the Lord of Lords.

Jesus came so I might live,
God the Father fills all the voids,
The Holy spirit leads and guides.
God the Holy sees justice
Jesus the Truth will have His flock
The Holy Spirit moves and we obey.

Father all things to you, all pleasures, joys, sorrows, and earthly pits.
My life is Yours with all my faults, mistakes, and things a mess.
Cleanse me my Lord, my liege, and set my path straight and narrow.
My soul, my mind, my heart are only Yours.

You know the depths and longings,
You fashioned me like you,
You call me from the darkest of nights.
Here I am laid bare before you,
I fear my spots.
Your loving self removed them,
You tenderly clothe me
In Your robes of righteousness.
You are my light, my sight.
You are the bringer and giver of all things.
To you alone my heart will sing.

When I wander, my world is black.
Chain my soul, my mind, my heart to Yours
May I take your yolk, so I never part from You
Steadfast, ‘sured, and Faithful Lord, my liege
Help me in my wandering.
Remind me to aim for Heaven
So that You can reclaim the Earth.

©Rachael June Davis, 11/2011


Blame Game No More

Scripture: Genesis 3:8-14; Romans 5:12-21; 1 Corinthians 12&13


In the beginning, we know that the world was created differently. Unity and peace was abounding in the beginning of the world. Love was ever present, and our holy God walked on the face of the Earth.  This is the place where Adam and Eve lived, and dwelled directly with the Lord of Lords, King of Kings. They were the first and only human beings ever able to directly walk and talk with God in the physical presence. Sin had not yet entered the World.  Through simple choices, Adam and Eve fell. But I think it was more than just the fact they made the choice, but a lot of the sin we experience is from their choice to blame one another for their decision. It is an ever fixed mark on us, that as humans we shift the blame of what we did to another being. Born into this sinful state, we’ve seen the destruction that is leveled when it rises to a powerful state.  The Blame Game is also seen in sports, and how it ties into softball is subtle, like the snake who posed the question to Eve.

          When we’re playing with team mates how often do we find ourselves blaming others for the fact that point gained by our opposition?  How often are we going to find the person who made the fault and blame them for it? However, on teams we’re not solo. We’re all responsible for that instance in which we’ve failed.  In teams, there are people there. Sure the pitcher made an easy pitch, but where were the infielders? Where were the pitcher’s supports? How is the support working together? Are we blaming each other for the mistakes made, or calling it as it is: we all messed up?  Even if there is an error on the field, we can still recover if the team is focused on working together. Team member support each other, not rip each other apart.  Especially as a Christian team, who’ve been purchased by Jesus to break that curse of sin, but also the effects of sin upon our lives. Blame Game is a sign of the sinfulness of man, and since Jesus defeated the sin, we can stand more team like and support each other calling our errors as they were: ours. Not one person’s but all’s.

          But this is needed in the Church today as well, and Paul speaks directly about such issues in 1 Corinthians 12 &13. Paul is talking about the gifts of the Body, and these gifts are also circled about in Love. Everything is grounded on Love, and Peace, and Unity through God. This is the opposite of what the Blame game is. It is the solution to the blame game, and it is the realization that we’re all gifted differently, on and off the field and in the church today. We’re not all apostles, we’re not all pastors, and we’re not all prophets or teachers, or evangelists. If we were, there wouldn’t be a Body. But we get into the habit of blaming ‘the pastor’ or the ‘evangelist’ or the ‘prophet’ when things aren’t going the way we want them to in the Church, and we blame others for not doing their part correctly. However, we forget that we’re part of this body of believers as well. We’re all responsible on a team, and in the Church, for doing our part and working with the team to ensure we all get through this together. Family=team.  As believers we are to act like a family, and the Church is a family of believers united through Christ, therefore we need to act like a family as a team and a team as a Church. It isn’t easy, but if we’re doing all in ourselves, it will never happen that is why Jesus is so important. He is the central core to us, and our beings therefore He is the one who can redeem us and fortify us.


Today, and tomorrow, and forever…Father, through your Son, and by the conviction of your Holy Spirit, remind us that we are one body, one team, and one family. Let us not blame one another for mistakes, but instead come together and lift each of us up by being a supporter through encouragement, and even taking responsibility for our faults.  Remind us to be in love, and let love rule the game instead of pride. Thank you Lord for giving us your freedom and your love,  Amen.

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