The question of eternal security has come up again, something that often happens when you go to a Christian University.
For myself, and my understanding of the Gospel and the Bible (which I am not perfect, and limited…) I have come to understand that “eternal security” in the sense of eternal salvation is not true. My study has been given that it too is a gift from God, and a Christian who has the choice of believing or unbelieving in the gift is capable of losing their salvation by choice. It is not taken forcibly from them, it is not beguiled of them, and it is not taken by any other person but themselves. After reading, and reading and searching, I have come to this conclusion. It seems as though we as Children of God have the choice of forgetting the triune God that we serve by Choice. We become unrepentant, we do not progress, and then we decay and fall short returning to the world as an unbeliever no head way for God. Read Hebrews 5:5-6:12
But, if we are continually persuing the goal of being made perfect in Christ Jesus, then we keep our salvation. We running the race, we are not stopping the race. (1 Corinthians 9:24-7) We are striving to keep ourselves in growth with Jesus, going through all the trials and temptations, and all the blessings that flow from Him. We continue, we do not rest our laurels, then we have eternal life because we are chosing that we are going to put aside our “flesh” and “take on the new man” every time. We are focusing on Jesus, not the ‘things’ of this world. I believe the true problem with eternal security is that it was formed in a good notion that did not complete itself fully because the scripture was not taken in full form. It is clearly expressed that we have the choice, from the beginning of time, to follow God through Faith and Obedience or to forget what He said, and lose our portion in Heaven (Revelation 22:18-9, 3:1-6, 14-22).
If we are not progressing in Christ, people would say are you truly saved then? To that I counter, forsaking the beginning, what about those brethern who do progress through their early stages of ‘Christian walk’ and then stop? Are they still  saved? If they make the choice to stop serving and growing up in Christ, are they still saved due the fact their life bears no fruit? They used to be like the fig tree that bore fruit, but now it is all leaves. It is a sign of an unrepentant heart, and we all know that SIN seperates us from God. Hence the necessity of forgiveness and repentance to the Church. It provides the way for people to come to Jesus and give up ourselves and submit to His Authority. (Mark 11:12-26) So, according to those who say “if you lose your salvation you never believed” I would ask: Then what of the person whose life calamity comes, and it breaks them wrongly? Instead drawing nearer to God, it becomes a force to drive them away by Choice? Say the Death of a loved one, or child…they were faithful and serving before, but now they’re against God because of choice. Are they too still saved then? But they were believing and faithful…and were ultimately following and growing after Christ but halt it by choice due to circumstances.
Therefore, I believe that nothing but ourselves can take away our own salvation, which then means we are blotted out of the Lamb’s Book of Life. Our God created us with free will to serve Him, and through our free will we were given choices. Are we free to live a life of sin, and unchanged hearts, and milky diet? Yes. Will we have salvation? Will we be ‘eternally secure’? No. By our own volition we have then said that our will is higher than Jesus’ and the Father’s will…and have forfeited our salvation.