The End of the Days…

Today we see the church being a profiteer rather than a healer. We see the youth falling into the depths of poverty while thinking that they’re the upper crests of society. We see higher and higher rates of uneducated, unthinking, and self-absorbed people producing the same kind of people through their actions. But more importantly, we see the church at a grand halt. IT is not going forward, and is it now sliding backwards. More than halt, it’s going into reverse.

First, the body has forsaken the need for being together and being a body of believers that gathers. We have our ideas and concepts about the ‘correct’ way to be a Christian that do not align with the Word and have taken the Words of False Prophets and greedy TV stars as the truth rather than seek it out on our own.  Today, people would rather sit in their pew seats than get up and go to Church. Convenience factor is huge, and they’re not willing to put themselves out of their own position to kneel before God. They’re more like stubborn little Children today, rather than obedient, servants of the True master. Today, Christians view themselves as the ‘top crust’ the believers that need and take from God more to live in fancy homes and go to fancy dance parties. They’ve been so brainwashed that they do not think about the giving of the gift and to whom they’re held in responsibility for. The average “Christian” today cannot even tell you what the Four Gospel’s titles are without looking at the Book, let alone tell you how the Old Testament is a light to the Christian Church.

Secondly, the Church today emphasizes the Gift, rather than the Giver. IT’s lost all its beauty to greed, and the ‘wants’ rather than the ‘needs’. The Church itself has become corrupt with desire for money, wealth, fame, and power which are not of the Faith but of the World. They seek to play with the World and entertain God. However, you cannot be straddling a fence without the penalties. Fence Sitters will always be medicore and never worth more than their next biggest game. Today, the Church seems full of Narcisists who are not looking to help, but look for their next big score. The modern church is rife with the unbeliever in power leading astray the flock. They will be held responsible.

Thirdly, the Church is not serving God. They are serving themselves, their needs and using all the World’s tools to get there. Supporting thing that are not in the Bible as ‘moral’, like Homosexuality which is clearly is stated as IMMORAL. They’re using politics to draw a crowd, and gather more money to help them pay their bills instead of preaching the Word. They’re using cheap tricks of smoke and lights to make ‘the holy spirit’ filled. They’re using ‘entertainment’ and ‘sentimental’ touches to draw your heart, and they’re using the “social” as the pathway into your life. They use music, video, and all sorts of gimmicks to make you brainwashed from the truth just enough to inoculate and not enough to convict by the Holy Spirit and just enough feel good to do evil, preaching comfort and laziness into the Church rather than the Truth of God and praying to seek out His will rather than our own fanaticisms and desires for our will be done.  The rate of unsaved in position is higher and higher within the Body, rather than the gathering of the Saints it’s the gathering of the sinners. The support of relativism seeping into the nation is growing much more. The rate of false deities entering among the the believer is high. Jesus himself speaks on this issue, and if people actually read the Bible they would be better prepared for this day.  
You want to know where to Look? Open your Bible, and Turn to the book of Matthew Chapter 24. Then Read. After that, please open your heart and reread asking to learn from God. Then…fall to your knees and seek repentance.